Characteristics Of Dalmatians That Display Aggression Toward Other Dogs

December 3, 2006 on 3:15 am | In Dalmatian Articles |

Dalmatians that fight tend to have any or a number of the following characteristics:

Are dominant in their relationship with their owners.
Lacked exposure to other dogs during critical socialization periods.
Have been attacked by other aggressive dogs.
Fight only when a neighborhood bitch is in heat.
May have been the litter bully as a pup.
Usually become excited when stressed.
Are jealous because of owner favoritism.

Most fights between unacquainted dogs are related to the territorial boundaries or property (human owners in some cases) of one or both combatants. This type of aggression is easily understood but difficult to correct.

Another type of aggression that is difficult for owners to understand and correct involves dogs that live in the same household. Though both dogs receive what appears to be the same treatment from their owners, they engage in savage fights. Though the causes vary, corrective methods involve the same principle.

Correction centers around converting the feelings of hostility to “happy” emotional responses. This requires extreme self-control on the part of the owner, but it has proved effective when performed properly.

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